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FT Technologies collaborates with Anemo Analytics to provide weather station upgrades to improve turbine performance

FT Technologies' Dan Reid with Anemo Analytics CEO Michael Johansen

Left: Michael Johansen, CEO and Co-Founder, Anemo Analytics. Right: Dan Reid, Account Manager-Wind Energy, FT Technologies.

FT Technologies has today signed a collaboration agreement with Anemo Analytics. Under the agreement, both parties will work together to provide weather station upgrades for existing wind turbines, enabling remote diagnostics capabilities and performance improvements for both onshore and offshore turbines.

“Having successfully collaborated with Anemo on a project to winterize turbines in Texas last year, we agreed that an ongoing, extended cooperation would benefit wind farm operators worldwide”, said Daniel Reid, Account Manager – Wind Energy at FT Technologies.

“FT Technologies has been supplying the wind energy industry with wind sensors that incorporate our market-leading Acu-Res® Technology for two decades. Working with Anemo Analytics provides the wind park operator with a turn-key solution to maximise their AEP and reduce costly downtime on a wide variety of different turbine makes and models”, said Alex Wise, Commercial Director at FT Technologies.

Texas wind farm operators looking to “winterize” their turbines have already implemented the new solution provided by Anemo. In icing conditions, the FT heated wind sensors were able to continue operating ice-free, whereas mechanical sensors became inoperable, causing the turbines to shut down.  In addition, those who were previously using mechanical wind direction sensors complained that the turbine was excessively yawing to track the wind direction. With the new upgraded solution from Anemo, those users reported a 40-60% reduction in yaw activity across their assets, resulting in reduced gear wear, fewer failures and lower maintenance costs.

“Previous installations of our upgrade kits, using FT’s heated sensors, in a wind farm in Texas have resulted in enhanced cold-weather performance due to a significant reduction of icing-related downtime and lost production”, commented Michael Johansen, CEO and Co-Founder of Anemo Analytics. “As a result of this performance, we chose to partner with FT Technologies as we feel they have the best wind sensor technology, with a proven track record. Together, we will provide wind farm operators with the most reliable weather station in the industry.”