Wind Sensors / FT7 Series / Direct Mount – DM50
FT742-DM50 Direct Mount Wind Sensor on pipeFT742-DM50 Direct Mount Wind Sensor on pipe
DM50 Direct Mount Wind Sensor ConnectorsDM50 Direct Mount Wind Sensor Connectors



FT742-DM50 Direct Mount Wind SensorFT742-DM50 Direct Mount Wind Sensor

Precision and reliability are paramount for optimal performance. The DM50 wind sensor sets the industry standard, delivering accurate wind speed, direction and temperature measurements even in the most challenging conditions. For ease of installation, it fits onto a 47.9 to 50.2mm OD pipe and reads wind speeds up to 75m/s. Special alignment collar and mounting tool are available as optional accessories. Engineered for wind turbine control, retrofit and all onshore or offshore installations, it is the ultimate choice for upgrading existing systems and ensuring peak efficiency. For wind speeds up to 90m/s, please visit  FT752-DM50.

0-75 m/s

174 mm

40 to +85 °C

535 g

Retrofit Solution: The DM50’s retrofit capability is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing systems, enhancing their performance and reliability.

Ice-Free Technology: The DM50 takes wind monitoring to the next level with its innovative ice-free design. Unpredictable weather conditions and icy environments won’t disrupt operations, as the heated functionality prevents ice build-up on the sensor. This facilitates uninterrupted data collection, providing essential insights for wind turbines, retrofit and meteorological projects.

Corrosion Resistance: Operating in offshore and coastal environments exposes sensors to corrosive elements, impacting their longevity and accuracy. The DM50, built with a hard-anodised aluminium body, offers unparalleled corrosion resistance to sand, dust, solar radiation and bird attacks, ensuring minimal maintenance and extended service life.

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