The FT205 is lightweight and robust making it ideal for integration on drones and UAVs. To provide accurate wind measurements, the wind sensor should be mounted away from the wash of the drone rotors. The sensor can be installed on a flat surface or pole mounted. It can also be mounted upside down.

For surface mounting applications a gasket and fasteners are provided.

For pole mounting applications an adaptor kit is provided for a 20mm diameter pole (the pole is not supplied due to varying customer requirements). The kit includes upper and lower mounting bases, gaskets, and fasteners.

FT205EV Lightweight Wind Sensor - No Base

The FT205 Lightweight wind sensor uses a Molex CLIK-Mate connector and is supplied with a 600mm cable. It can output data via RS422 (full-duplex), RS485 (half-duplex) or UART (full-duplex, 3V and 5V). The communication interface option is programmed at the factory and can be modified using software commands.

The sensor is aligned to the structure using the ‘N’ reference, alternatively the compass can be enabled to reference magnetic North.