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Distributors and Agents

We believe that in most markets we can offer the best service and best value to our customers by supplying our wind sensors directly. However, in some markets we feel that distributors can offer the best value and so we have established relationships with the following companies.

FT Integration Partners

FT Technologies works with industry-leading wind energy and meteorological partners to integrate and validate combined solutions to our customers’ wind measurement challenges. We are keen to support customers in developing applications for FT sensors. To do this we run the FT Test Program which gives customers sensors and accessories on free loan for up to 180 days, as well as access to our Application Engineers.

Anemo Analytics

Anemo Analytics functions as a multi-brand engineering firm, catering to park and wind turbine asset owners and operators. With a portfolio encompassing 16GW in onshore and offshore capacities, they conduct remote diagnostics for over 2.5GW.

Their core strengths in wind turbine engineering, analytics, and computer science are seamlessly integrated into practical customer applications, emphasising value creation and cost-efficiency in analytics tool selection.

Clients encompass wind farm asset owners, operators, and investors in onshore/offshore realms across diverse OEM brands.

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