Support / Installation / Pipe Mount (PM)

The FT7 Series Pipe Mount wind sensor is designed for installation on top of a pipe or post. The sensor-connecting cable is run inside the pipe giving added lightning and environmental protection. The Pipe Mount system is made from materials designed to last for up to 25 years in a marine or offshore environment.

The sensor has additional heating capacity designed to heat the metal adaptor and pipe. This prevents ice from building up on the adaptor and blocking the air flow through the sensor during heavy icing events. The whole pipe mount system is designed to ensure sufficient heat transfer from the sensor into all the metalwork to keep it ice free.

The diagram below shows the installation on top of a wind turbine nacelle. Alignment of the pipe mount adaptor allows the sensor to be repeatedly fitted and automatically aligned with the central axis of the turbine without error.

Pipe Mount System for Installation of Heated Anemometer on Wind Turbine