Support / Returns & Inspection

Inspections and Calibration Check

With no moving parts and their solid state design, FT ultrasonic anemometers are very reliable and do not need re-calibration. Basic functional checking of sensors can be performed using the Acu-Test Pack.

FT Wind Tunnel

For customers who wish to have a sensor re-checked in the FT wind tunnel, to verify that it is still within calibration, we do offer an ‘inspection and check’ service. The fee for this service is £150. Please contact us for more details.

Independent Wind Tunnel

If you would like to have a calibration check or a full wind sensor calibration carried out at an independent wind tunnel, we can arrange this for you. As part of this service, you will receive a certificate of test or calibration, as appropriate. Please contact us for more details.


If you need to return a wind sensor for repair please download our Returns Material Authorisation Form. Once you have completed the form please forward it to us for authorisation before any units are sent back for repair*.

Returned sensors undergo a full diagnostic assessment and, if repairs are needed, a quotation will be issued to you within four weeks. Sensors that are out of warranty will incur a fee of £150 for this assessment; however this amount will be credited against any agreed repair cost. No additional costs for repairs or upgrades will be incurred without prior agreement from the customer.

Sensors are typically returned within 8-12 weeks after customer approval of the quotation, depending on the complexity of the repair. All sensors are returned with their original factory default settings.

Please note that, due to part obsolescence, sensors prior to FT702 Version 20 cannot be repaired. To confirm whether a sensor can be repaired or not, please contact us with the unit’s serial number. In addition, it is not possible to repair sensors that have been damaged by a lightning strike.

The sensor contains no user-serviceable components. The warranty will become void if the sensor is disassembled, used or installed incorrectly or if the cavity is damaged by the user.

*Please note that sensors should be returned to FT within 12 weeks of us issuing the RMA or the RMA will be cancelled. The RMA may be re-applied for but the calculation of warranty will be from the new date of application. 


We are happy to recycle and safely dispose of our old FT wind sensors free of charge.

Please contact us to arrange for this service.