Wind Sensors / FT7 Series / FT7 Surface Mount (SM)

FT742-SM ultrasonic wind sensorFT742-SM ultrasonic wind sensor
FT742-SM Wind Sensor - Mounted on boxFT742-SM Wind Sensor - Mounted on box

The FT743-SM Surface Mount wind sensor is designed for delivering exceptional performance in various applications, including marine and top IMOCA sailing teams. Featuring an electronic compass and a thermostatic heater, this versatile sensor has proven its capabilities in UAVs, drones, military vehicles, autonomous robots, handheld weather stations, drifter buoys, vehicle-mounted, and ship-based meteorological systems.

0-75 m/s

71.2 mm

40 to +85 °C

252 g

The FT743-SM offers flexible installation options to ensure precision wind direction alignment. The sensor can provide direction relative to its alignment or can use the integrated compass to provide direction relative to Magnetic North. Manufactured from hard-anodised aluminium, the FT743-SM ensures consistent and reliable performance even in harsh conditions.

To meet the challenging demands of marine environments and mobile platforms, the FT743-SM undergoes rigorous testing and certification for vibration and shock resistance, as well as RF immunity. The FT743-SM Surface Mount Wind Sensor is engineered to endure and excel in demanding applications for enhanced control performance.

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