About Us / APQP4Wind

FT Technologies is committed to transitioning towards full adoption of the APQP4Wind framework through 2019 and 2020, for all new and existing product development opportunities. It is FT’s policy to:

  • Understand the needs and expectations of the customer and ensure product satisfies customer requirements
  • Reduce product complexity
  • Continuously improve alignment to the principles of Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Provide clear communication of Product Quality Requirements to suppliers and sub suppliers
  • Reduce the risk of defects and the costs of quality when introducing new designs and components
  • Adopt a preventative approach to quality
  • Shift from quality control to quality performance
  • Support standardisation and simplification of processes to reduce time to market and increase efficiency
  • Support profitable growth

All Managers shall provide, implement, train and communicate lower level Management System documentation and core tools as required to ensure successful implementation of this policy.

This APQP4Wind policy applies across the business.

Approved by

– Dr Savvas Kapartis
Executive Chairman, FT Technologies