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FT Technologies appoints Icetek as Canadian distributor

Wind turbines in the snow

FT Technologies, manufacturer of acoustic resonance wind sensors for wind turbine control, has signed a non-exclusive aftermarket distribution agreement with Instrumentation Icetek Inc. Under this agreement, Icetek will retain a stock of FT Technologies’ wind sensors to enable rapid deployment to wind turbine operators throughout Canada.

Gordon Bease, FT’s Director of North American Operations, said “Icetek have been integrating our wind sensors into their Ice Conditions Monitoring System since 2017. It is a pleasure to now announce Icetek as an Approved Distributor of our ultrasonic wind sensors for the Canadian region. With their warehousing capabilities, Icetek will be able to provide our end users across Canada with rapid access to our products in order to minimize turbine downtime.”

Olivier Fortin-Moreau, Icetek’s CTO & Engineering director, said “Having worked with FT Technologies over the past few years, and seeing how well their wind sensors perform in cold climates, we are delighted to partner with them to provide our wind turbine customers with FT sensors. We have often noticed that the FT sensor integrated within our Ice Conditions Monitoring System outperforms the turbine’s existing anemometer which can ice up and stop working in very cold conditions. We will be happy to advise wind farm operators how to integrate FT sensors and maximize their energy production.”

About FT Technologies

FT Technologies specializes in the design and production of ultrasonic wind sensors. FT Technologies Acoustic Resonance Technology (Acu-Res®) provides wind speed, direction and temperature data to wind turbines worldwide. With superior data availability rates, uptime and longer product lifetime, FT sensors are used by major global turbine suppliers as standard and, increasingly, are retrofitted to older turbines to improve their Annual Energy Production. FT sensors are also used in meteorology, defence, marine and drone applications.


About Icetek Instrumentation Inc

Icetek has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing atmospheric icing detection systems and performance monitoring solutions specifically tailored for wind energy applications in cold climates. They also offer a specialized data analysis service for wind farms designed to maximize turbine efficiency. Icetek collaborates with strategic partners to pioneer advanced technologies for the wind industry.