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Zephyr Wind Services as North American Distributor

Zephyr Wind Services

FT Technologies, manufacturer of acoustic resonance wind sensors for wind turbine control, has signed a comprehensive aftermarket distribution agreement with Zephyr Wind Services. Under this agreement, Zephyr will retain a stock of FT Technologies’ wind sensors to enable rapid deployment to wind turbine operators throughout North America.

Gordon Bease, FT’s Director of North American Operations, said, “Zephyr Wind Services have excellent relationships with many of our end users. They will be able to leverage these existing relationships and provide a direct sales channel from their North American warehouse facilities”.

Zephyr’s service centre in Minnesota boasts an impressive expanse of 51,000 square feet dedicated to servicing their clients. As well as their 6,000 sq ft main parts distribution warehouse located in Abilene, TX, in the heart of Texas wind country.

Kristen Haag, Senior Manager Zephyr Wind Parts, commented, “The FT sensors have a great reputation to stand up and perform in all kinds of weather. This sentiment and standard fits in well with Zephyr’s team and their approach to solving issues. We strive to offer quality products, repairs and insight in the renewables industry and to be looked at as a steady, trusted source. Zephyr is well stocked with critical components and adjusts to support their customers’ needs; and we always do our best to make our customer’s lives easier”.

About FT Technologies

FT Technologies specializes in the design and production of ultrasonic wind sensors. FT Technologies Acoustic Resonance Technology (Acu-Res®) provides wind speed, direction and temperature data to wind turbines worldwide. With superior data availability rates, uptime and longer product lifetime, FT sensors are used by major global turbine suppliers as standard and, increasingly, are retrofitted to older turbines to improve their Annual Energy Production. FT sensors are also used in meteorology, defence, marine and drone applications.


About Zephyr Wind Services

With a Minnesota-based facility tailored for wind generators, Zephyr Wind Services boasts a track record of excellence in the electrical motor and generator service and repair industry, spanning over a 100 years combined.