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FT722_FT742-FF ultrasonic wind sensorFT722_FT742-FF ultrasonic wind sensor
FT722_FT742-FF ultrasonic wind sensor On BarFT722_FT742-FF ultrasonic wind sensor On Bar
Flat Front Wind Sensor ConnectorsFlat Front Wind Sensor Connectors



The Flat Front wind sensor is designed for quick and easy installation against a metal bar. Designed to last for up to 20 years, even in an offshore environment, the FT702 model is used by turbine manufacturers around the world. The updated FT722 version reads speeds up to 50m/s and the FT742 reads speeds up to 75m/s. Highly resistant to electromagnetic and acoustic interference, it is also an ideal choice for smaller-scale wind turbines. For retrofit, it provides a single, compact solution to replacing an existing mechanical wind vane and anemometer wind measurement system. With no moving parts to wear out or degrade, turbine downtime is reduced, power output is increased and yaw control is more efficient. For wind speeds up to 90m/s, please visit FT752-FF.

0-75 m/s

161 mm

40 to +85 °C

320 g