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FT And FTS Sign Integration Partner Agreement


FT Technologies, manufacturer of acoustic resonance wind sensors, has signed an Integration Partner Agreement with FTS. Under this agreement, FT Technologies’ range of acoustic resonance wind sensors will be integrated into FTS environmental monitoring solutions – providing crucial wind speed and direction measurements to help predict, prevent and manage wildfires and extreme weather situations.

A leader in the field of fire weather, hydrology and meteorological remote monitoring solutions, FTS will be integrating the FT7 Series of ultrasonic wind sensors along with their new LT1 compact logging transceiver to meet existing and new customer needs. The unique combination of FT Technologies and FTS products provides the market with a complete solution for environmental monitoring with unsurpassed reliability.

“FTS has been setting the bar for reliability in remote monitoring solutions for over 35 years and shares the common philosophy with FT Technologies, that quality, reliability, and support are what make are our customers successful.”

Gordon Bease, Director of North American Operations at FT Technologies

Note To Editors:
Founded in 1981, FT Technologies specialises in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic wind sensors – also known as anemometers or air-flow sensors. What makes FT wind sensors unique is their use of Acu-Res® technology. Invented by FT’s Executive Chairman, Dr Savvas Kapartis, and patented in 1997, Acu-Res® is a solid-state (no moving parts) technology for measuring wind speed and direction. It uses an acoustic (ultrasonic) wave which is resonated inside a small cavity. Using Acu-Res® technology results in a small, easily heated sensor which operates reliably, even under extreme weather conditions. FT wind sensors are used worldwide in a diverse number of applications in the meteorology, defence, marine, and wind energy markets as well as for drones and UAVs.

FTS is the world leader in environmental monitoring solutions for fire weather (weather as it applies to predicting, preventing and managing wildfires). FTS stations are used by 100% of the top 50 government forest management agencies in every corner of the United States and Canada.

Left: Alan DeCiantis, Director of Product, FTS
Right: Fred Squire, Director of Sales & Marketing, FT Technologies