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FT Wind Sensors Now IP66 and IP67 Rated

Having recently undergone a series of tests using powerful water jets, our newest models, the FT722 and FT742 ultrasonic wind sensors, have achieved an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP66. This is in addition to their IP67 rating of withstanding temporary immersion in water.

FT7 Series ultrasonic wind sensors are now both IP66 and IP67 rated for ingress protectionThe tests were carried out at an external environmental testing centre in the UK designed to simulate both typical environmental stresses and extreme meteorological events.

To achieve IP66, the sensors were sprayed by powerful water jets with a 12.5mm diameter nozzle at a flow rate of 100 litres per minute from a distance of 2.5 to 3 metres for 3 minutes each time. They were then immersed in one metre of water for 30 minutes. Prior to this, the sensors had been probed to ensure they were protected against solid foreign objects, and sprayed with dust for a duration of 2 hours.

Upon completion of all the tests, the sensors were thoroughly inspected. They were deemed dust-tight and without any water ingress. The sensors were therefore declared as having satisfied the requirements of BS EN 60529: 1992+A2:2013, IP4X, IP6X, IPX7 and IPX6.

Commenting on the successful testing Robin Strachan, FT’s Chief Engineer, said

“Although earlier models of our sensors had achieved IP67, we feel that IP66 is a more realistic test of what happens to a sensor in heavy rain driven by a typhoon or hurricane. This is particularly important for our new FT742-DM and FT742-SM models which have been designed for meteorological applications.”

Fred Squire, FT’s Director of Sales and Marketing, added,

“The FT7 Series are probably the most tested wind sensors in the world. They have passed over 28 independent tests including sand, dust, ice, vibration, corrosion, hail, and lightning protection. During design the FT7 Series sensors have also passed our own FT Highly Accelerated Lifecycle Test (HALT) in which they are temperature cycled from +125°C to -90°C whilst being vibrated at 30g rms. In addition, all our wind sensors are 100% wind tunnel checked before despatch to ensure that they will give many years of reliable service, even in the harshest conditions. The wind tunnel is calibrated annually and sensors are regularly selected from production and their calibration cross-checked in a MEASNET wind tunnel. This ensures the accuracy of FT wind sensors.”

To view the full range of environmental tests that our sensors have undergone see our Product Certification page.

View the IP66/67 Test Certificate