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New version of Acu-Vis software

Screenshot of Acu-Vis software for FT ultrasonic wind sensors

FT Technologies releases new version of their Acu-Vis software for testing sensors and updating their settings.

FT Technologies, manufacturers of ultrasonic wind sensors, announced today the release of a new version of their Acu-Vis software. The updated Acu-Vis 2.0 makes it easier for customers to change the configurable settings on their sensor.

The new version has also been updated with a more intuitive user interface and is now available in languages other than English.

Key business benefits that can be achieved from using Acu-Vis 2.0 software include:

  • Users can configure their own sensor and easily adjust settings such as heater setpoint, current limit, filter and datum offset.
  • If users wish to change more complex settings, such as the baud rate or UCT table, there is a whole menu of commands that allows them to do this.
  • Users can run diagnostics on site simply by plugging their sensor into a laptop.
  • Users can now export their sensor information and send it to FT for diagnosis.

The new graphic user interface is more intuitive to use, and the software now comes in Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean and Japanese – as well as English.

Ian Loader, Head of Sales and Marketing, says “We feel that the upgraded Acu-Vis software is a great improvement for our customers. As well as being available in languages other than just English, the new graphical user interface is much easier for customers to use in order to change the settings on their sensor and they can diagnose problems caused by incorrect settings much more quickly and cheaply. For example, where users may have inadvertently set something incorrectly, they can now send an encrypted diagnostic file to FT and we can diagnose the problem and send them the new settings. This saves them both time as well as the cost of removing and physically returning the sensor to us in the UK.”

Customers wishing to upgrade to their Acu-Vis software can download the new Acu-Vis 2.0 here.