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COVID-19 Update: FT remains open for business

At FT Technologies we are first and foremost problem solvers, having dedicating many years overcoming technical barriers and challenges to tirelessly create and perfect the world’s toughest wind sensor for wind turbine control. COVID-19 represents a new challenge for FT, one that we may have never experienced before, but not one which is insurmountable, nor one which will prevent us from continuing to enable the global transition to clean energy and to unlock new technologies.

We have reacted quickly to COVID-19, putting in place strong mitigation measures to keep our colleagues safe and secure our supply chain, so that throughout this global crisis we can remain open for business, producing sensors, supporting our customers and most importantly innovating. Ultimately, despite the disruption of COVID-19, we believe that this experience will result in opportunities to improve the way that we work, so that FT Technologies will emerge stronger than ever, but still with our laser-focused commitment to creation through curiosity and innovation.

Alex Wise
Head of Strategy, FT Technologies