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Ultrasonic Wind Sensor Product Launch

Set to be launched at the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2019, the new FT742-DM50 ultrasonic wind sensor from FT Technologies has been designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions making it one of the world’s toughest wind sensors.

T742-DM50 on pipe without guide500px

The FT742-DM50 ultrasonic wind sensor

This next-generation wind sensor brings significant enhancements in ease of installation, alignment, corrosion resistance, lightning resistance and ingress protection, to provide longer life in harsh environments.

The DM-50 has been designed to fit directly to masts with outer diameters from 47.9mm to 50.2mm, without the need for an adaptor. The self-locking socket clamp screws, with an aluminium-zinc flake coating, ensure galvanic compatibility to aluminium and galvanised steel for corrosion prevention superior to A4 stainless steel.

Superior sensor grounding, critical for reliable lightning protection, is achieved through the innovative use of a nickel-plated canted coil spring – shielded from the elements to promote reliably low contact resistance. The outer body of the sensor is hard anodised and highly resistant to salt corrosion – tested to category C5-M High. The sensor’s ingress protection rating has been enhanced to IP66K, having been subjected to powerful water jets with an increased pressure of 1000 kPa.

With superior accuracy, the new DM50 has been designed for meteorologists who need to measure wind speed, direction and temperature within extreme environments.

Also on show will be FT Technologies’ lightweight FT205 wind sensor, which is increasingly being used on drones for environmental monitoring, precision agriculture and wind profiling. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it weighs just 100 grams and has no moving parts – making it ideal for use on UAVs and other SWaP -conscious (size, weight and power) systems.