The Pipe Mount Adaptor enables an FT7*2-PM (Pipe Mount) wind sensor to be easily and securely mounted onto a 40-51mm pipe. This provides improved environmental and electromagnetic grounding protection, helping reduce the effects of lightning.

The adaptor is adjusted until the top surface is horizontal and the datum point is aligned to the centre reference line, 4x M8 bolts are tightened to fix the adaptor in place and ensure a good grounding connection. The sensor is held in position with 3x M8 bolts and a retaining clip. This seals the sensor base and cable inside the adaptor, protecting them from the environment. The corrosion resistant design means that the adaptor can be deployed on top of a wind turbine for up to 25 years, even in offshore environments.

The sensor can be removed and replaced without the need for re-alignment.

The Pipe Mount System is available from FT Technologies as a finished product, or as a set of drawings with a licence to manufacture.

*FT702-PM, FT722-PM, FT742-PM