The FT031 aluminium size adaptor converts a 25mm (1”) OD pipe to suit the DM support. It is supplied with 4x Self-locking Fasteners (FT034) to clamp it onto a 25mm (1”) OD pipe, and a fitted Tapered Pipe Insert (FT033).

For long term reliability in corrosive atmospheres, the use of marine-grade self-adhesive tape (such as USCGFP by 3M) may be applied to cover the fasteners.

The FT031 is mounted to a pipe with a maximum outer diameter of 26.4mm and a minimum internal diameter of 22mm (depending on the connector).

Since a low resistance connection cannot be guaranteed (due to minimal contact with the fasteners) the size-adaptors are not recommended for use within a grounded lightning protection scheme.

Refer to the user manual and the following Application Notes for more information:

A4166-1 FT742-DM Accessories

A4167-1 Lightning Guidance