Self-locking fasteners are used to secure the FT742-DM sensor onto the mounting pipe (or size adaptor). Part FT034 provides 1x fastener so ensure the correct quantity are required.

Due to the locking insert the fastener will provide some resistance, this is normal and provides reliable clamping with vibration resistance.

The self-locking fasteners are also utilised with the 25mm (1”) and 50mm (2”) size adaptors.

For ease of removal after long term installations in corrosive atmospheres (such as marine environments), we recommend application of a marine-grade self-adhesive tape (such as USCGFP by 3M) over the exposed fasteners.

The use of these fasteners alone will not provide a sufficient grounding path.

Refer to the user manual and the following Application Notes for more information:

A4166-1 FT742-DM Accessories

A4167-1 Lightning Guidance