Wind Sensors / FT7 Series / Direct Mount – DM50 – 90m/s

Precision and reliability are paramount for optimal performance. The DM50 wind sensor sets the industry standard, delivering accurate wind speed, direction and temperature measurements even in the most challenging conditions. For ease of installation, it fits onto a 47.9 to 50.2mm OD pipe and reads wind speeds up to 90m/s. Special alignment collar and mounting tool are available as optional accessories. Engineered for wind turbine control, retrofit and all onshore or offshore installations, it is the ultimate choice for upgrading existing systems and ensuring peak efficiency.

0-90 m/s

174 mm

40 to +85 °C

535 g

Unique Acu-Res® Technology: The FT752 is the latest evolution of the FT7 series, incorporating a design legacy of 20 years and guaranteeing enhanced survivability. Developed for offshore typhoon, and hurricane regions for turbine control in the most challenging conditions. It measures wind speeds of up to 90m/s with FT’s exclusive Acu-Res® technology and now introducing Advanced Sensor Diagnostics for enhanced fault monitoring.

High Data Availability: The FT752 is maintenance-free, reducing operational costs while delivering exceptionally high data availability. It boasts low power-consumption with a high signal-to-noise ratio making it resistant to shock, vibration and EMI while ensuring reliable and accurate data acquisition. Additionally, the sensor is compact and lightweight for easy transport and handling.

Extreme Availability: The FT752 sets the standard for extreme survivability. It is rugged and shock-resistant, capable of withstanding the harshest environments. It boasts powerful de-icing capabilities to maintain optimal performance even in icy conditions. The corrosion-resistant design further enhances its durability, while lightning and surge protection safeguards against electrical disturbances, making it a reliable choice in the most demanding scenarios.

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