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Company founded FT Technologies is founded by Peter Elgar and Derek Cavendish-Pell. Work begins on defence-related electronics projects.

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Dr Savvas Kapartis joins Dr Savvas Kapartis joins the company. Employing six people, FT’s customer base includes the Ministry of Defence, the large MoD contractors and similar organisations overseas.

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Early 1990s

Wind sensor requirement A requirement is identified for a wind sensor for ballistic meteorology. It must have no moving parts and be rugged enough to operate reliably on battlefield equipment.

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Late 1990s

Acoustic resonance anemometer invented Dr Kapartis and his small team develop the concept of combining acoustic resonance with ultrasonics and the measurement of phase shift.

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Acu-Res® Technology is patented The invention of Acu-Res Technology is a turning point that leads to a strategic re-orientation. International patents are filed, and financial assistance is obtained from the DTI in the form of the SMART award.

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First production units of the FT702 The first version of the FT702 has a stainless steel body and is used in a wide variety of wind sensing applications but it soon becomes clear that the sensor’s design makes it ideal for the [...]

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First sales to the wind turbine industry The FT702 is trialled, validated and subsequently bought in the thousands by the world’s largest turbine manufacturers.

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Aluminium body hard-anodised The FT702’s stainless steel body is replaced by a new hard anodised aluminium design. This gives much better corrosion-resistance.

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FT wins the Queen's award for Enterprise & Sustainable Development As the wind power industry flourishes, a business development office is established in Denmark.

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