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Who we are

Our business is a success story. The wind energy industry is growing significantly, and FT is growing with it. In the last decade, we have tripled in size. We now employ around 100 staff and are always looking for more high-quality engineers.

We think and operate globally, but with all the benefits of a small company. Our size allows us to be a dynamic and innovative company where every individual has the capability to demonstrate their initiative and make a real difference. All of our sensors are designed and manufactured in our new factory in Sunbury-on-Thames in southwest London. If your new product idea is adopted, you will see it put into production right there on the premises.

We offer fabulous working conditions in bright and airy open plan offices, laboratories and workshops, together with added extras such as breakout areas, showers, kitchen/eatery, indoor and outdoor rest areas, plenty of parking and secure bicycle storage. With state of the art engineering and manufacturing facilities, and further development planned, it is an exciting time to be joining the company.

Develop your ideas

That’s what our Chairman did. Nearly 20 years ago he came up with the idea of using acoustic resonance to measure wind speed and direction. Sitting in his car at a red traffic light one day, it suddenly came to him that if you resonate an acoustic wave inside a small cavity, and measure the phase shift of the moving air on the signal bouncing between the transducers, you could create a small, and therefore easily heated, wind sensor with no moving parts. Brilliant!

The future for wind energy, and for FT Technologies, is bright. We always need more enthusiastic engineers to help us develop new products and conduct leading edge research into acoustics, transducers, aerodynamics, materials, coatings and environmental protection.

You’ll be working with an impressive team of experienced engineers, making a real impact on the company’s success. Along the way, we’ll reward you financially but we will also invest in your future with training and professional development designed around your specific needs, and with opportunities to learn from people at every level of the business.

Develop your ideas with us and see where you can progress within the company, perhaps even ending up as chairman as Dr Kapartis did.

In 2015 we launched our new product range, the FT7 series. In response to our customers’ demands, these new sensors have a higher wind speed range, reading up to 75 metres per second, as well as improved accuracy.

With these technical enhancements, the FT7 series of products have enabled us to expand further into general meteorology and weather systems at sea. There are many buoys deployed around the world to capture wind data and our sensors, being corrosion-resistant, are ideally suited to this application.

In 2018 we launched the first in a new generation of lightweight, low-power sensors, the FT205. Specifically designed for use in applications where weight is critical, the FT205 is ideal for UAV flight control systems and environmental monitoring from drones and remotely piloted aircraft.

This is a whole new direction for FT and means that we have much research and development to do in this exciting and fast-growing industry.

What type of people are we looking for?

As an engineer, you’ve probably been taking things apart to see how they work, and then putting them back together again since you were three years old. At FT Technologies, we pride ourselves on the quality of our manufacturing and our use of  state-of-the art technology and robotics. An FT ultrasonic wind sensor is a highly sophisticated computer, and yet it is small, precise, and needs to operate consistently even in very harsh environments.

We are looking for people who, like us, care about the quality of what they are doing. We need people who possess the rigour and tenacity to see a job through to completion with a high degree of accuracy.

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