FT Technologies launches new version of its FT702 wind sensor

15 June 2011

Suitable for offshore use

The V22 is the latest version of FT Technologies’ FT702LT award-winning wind sensor featuring patented Acu-Res acoustic resonance technology. With well over 40,000 in use worldwide the FT702 series of sensors has already proved its strength in the toughest of conditions.

Using that experience FT Technologies has now developed the FT702LT-V22 which offers improved performance, greater reliability and enhanced adverse weather performance. Extensive testing has shown that FT702LT-V22 is ready for anything offshore.

The sensor is:

  • Corrosion resistant to Class C5M (the same standard used for vessels)
  • Highly ice resistant – it has a re-designed heater and has passed the US military ice test
  • Shock resistant – it has survived 25mm hailstones travelling at 23m/s (83 kph, 50 mph)
  • Vibration resistant – to EN 60068
  • Lightning resistant – re-designed electronics and improved components
  • Water and dust resistant – sealed to IP67, it can be submerged 1 meter in water and will still work!  

Available from May 2011

The new Version 22 will be first presented during the Renewable UK Offshore Wind 2011 Conference in Liverpool, June 29-30. FT is on Stand 178.

Production volumes are available from May 2011.

Most extensively tested

The FT702 Version 22 sensor has also been put through a more comprehensive testing programme than any other wind sensor on the market today.

The sensor has passed many certification tests, including:

  • Hail EN 61215
  • Corrosion ISO 9227 (2006) Neutral Salt Spray IEC 12944 C5-M High
  • Sinusoidal and Random Vibration EN 60068-2-6 and EN 60068-2-64
  • Drop EN 60068-2-31
  • Sand & Dust, Fog & Rain DEF STAN 00-35 CL25, CL26, CL27
  • Ingress Protection IP67
  • Ice accretion MIL-STD-810G Method 521.3

Version 22 improvements

  • Enhanced over-voltage and over-current protection giving superior lightning and EMC/ EMI protection
  • Improved electronic design optimised for reliability
  • Intelligent fast response heater control
  • Stronger body with better sealing against sand, dust and water
  • More customer configurable parameters including an additional calibration table
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