Case Studies / Shipyard Wind Monitoring: Italy

Italian research project on the effect of gusty winds on ships moored in shipyards.

FT742-DM ultrasonic wind sensor used in shipyard wind monitoring in Italy.



Techcom SRL, an Italian company specialising in environmental monitoring technology, was looking for a wind sensor to incorporate in a weather station. These weather stations were commissioned as part of a research project to study the effect of gusty winds on ships moored in shipyards and, ultimately, to see how the design of the moorings can be improved.

The research project is funded by the Italian Ministry of Transport and is being carried out by the maritime consultancy CETENA and WinDyn – the Wind Engineering and Structural Research Group at the University of Genova.

The Fincantieri shipyard in Monfalcone was identified as the test site for the initial phase of the research. Subject to the intense bora winds which, during winter, can gust up to 200km per hour at subzero temperatures, it was important to choose a wind sensor that could deliver reliable data under extreme conditions.

Upon investigation, Techcom chose to use the FT742-DM ultrasonic wind sensor. They had been impressed by its performance offshore in the North Sea and on wind farms worldwide.


In December 2017 the first weather station was installed in the Cantiere Navale Fincantieri in Monfalcone, Italy. Throughout the winter the FT742-DM wind sensor has consistently delivered accurate wind speed and direction data for monitoring purposes.

Further installations are now planned across other Fincantieri shipyards. For further information and additional images please visit the Techcom SRL case study on shipyard wind monitoring.

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