Case Studies / CBRN Detection Equipment

Lockheed Martin integrates FT sensors into their Chemical, Biological, Radiological Early Warning Systems

Lockheed Martin use the FT surface mount wind sensor in thier CBRN detection equipment.We supply our FT surface mount sensors to Lockheed Martin and they integrate them into their MetroGuard family of chemical, biological and radiological detection information, along with wind speed and direction, and location data.

Comprised of remote units, and a base station, these systems determine if the characteristics of a biological aerosol cloud are present. The CBREWS base station monitors the status of the units and can command a remote unit to collect samples for forensic analysis. Using the power of sensor networking, the potential for a false alarm is significantly reduced.

Lockheed Martin chose to use FT sensors in their remote unit, due to the small size and light weight of our sensors, thus allowing rapid setup and breakdown of the monitoring units for incident-based application. For use at fixed sites, the high reliability and longevity of our sensors means that the wind speed and direction data supplied is delivered consistently, despite any harsh weather conditions.