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Ideal for offshore wind turbines and all marine applications.

Tested and proven:

  • Corrosion resistant: ISO 9227 (2006) & IEC12944 (1998)
  • Corrosion class: C5-M High
  • Corrosion test in neutral salt spray atmosphere for 1440 hours

Rain, Mist, Fog and Humidity


  • DEF STAN 00-35 Test C26 - Fog intensity of 1 to 2 ml/80cm² for one hour
  • DEF STAN 00-35 Test CL27 - Rain at 200mm for one hour
  • IP67 - Submerged in 1 metre depth of water for 30 minutes
  • EN 60068-2-78 (2002) - Stationary relative humidity +93% for 240 hours
  • EN 60068-2-30 (2005) - Cyclic humidity - Six 24 hour cycles, upper temperature 55°C

Sand & Dust

Sand and dust resistant: DEF STAN 00-35 CL25 (2006) sand particles for 3 hours and dust particles for 3 hours, at 29 m/s air velocity, concentration 1.1g/m³.


Hail resistant: EN 61215 (2005) 10 hail stones, 7.5 grams each show at the sensor at 23 m/s.

Freezing Rain and Ice

Designed for harsh winters, the FT7 Series wind sensors have an in-built heating system that gives total temperature control. Ice-resistant to MIL-STD-810G:
  • Ice-resistant: Sensor remains ice-free when freezing rain applied in a chamber with temperature -14°C, wind speed 15m/s.
  • De-icing: Sensor exposed to freezing rain in air flow of 15m/s and -14°C. Ice built up to 45mm. Heaters switched on. Airflow and temperature unchanged. The sensor was ice-free in under 15 minutes.


  • Passed: EN60068-2-13 (1999) 4 hours at a constant low pressure typical to 3000 metres above sea level.
  • Additional tests in a dedicated altitude wind tunnel have shown that the sensor measures accurately up to 4000m.


3 axis Sinusoidal and Random Vibration.

  • EN 60068-2-6 (2008)
    5-500 Hz, 1 octave/min sweep range for sinusoidal vibration.
  • EN 60068-2-64 (2008)
    5-500 Hz, 90 mins per axis, 0.0075g²/Hz for random vibration.


Drop resistant: EN 60068-2-31 (2008) dropped 6 times at different angles from 1 metre onto steel faced concrete.


Passed: EN 60529:1992+A2:2013 - Sealed to IP66 and IP67
  • Exposed to a dust chamber for 8 hours.
  • Submerged in 1 metre depth of water for 30 mins.
  • Sprayed by powerful water jets at 100 litres per minute from a distance of 2.5 metres.

Heat and Cold

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

  • EN 60068-2-1 (2007) - 16 hours of cold air at -40°C.
  • EN 60068-2-2 (2007) -  16 hours dry heat at +85°C.
  • EN 60068-2-14 (2009) -  74 hours of heat and cold, 16 temperature cycles from -40°C to +70°C.

Solar Radiation

24 hours of UV radiation with an ambient temperature of 55°C, irradiance of 1120 W/m².

Passed: EN 60068-2-5 (2000)


Ag Solve Mon. Ambiental Ltda.
Meteorologia e Hidrologi
Rua Oswaldo Cruz, 764 - Cidade Nova
Indaiatuba - SP - CEP 13334-010
T: +55 (19) 3825-1991
F: +55 (19) 3825-1901
E: vendas@agsolve.com.br
W: www.agsolve.com.br


Level 12, Zhongbo Plaza, Hanggui Road, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, China
T: +86 13764406450
E: sales@avic-energy-tech.com
W: www.avic-energy-tech.com

Tongman Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Registred address:上海市奉贤区庄行镇叶庄公路135号2幢1022室
Office address:上海市徐汇区龙华西路585号华富大厦B座18B4室
Postcode: 201108
T: +86 021 54251822 / +86 021-62619627 / +86 0411 39728146
F:+86 021 54251023 / +86 0411-39728145
E: sales@tongman-sh.com
W: www.tongman-sh.com


189-0001 東京都東村山市秋津町5-2-15
T: 042-391-7850
F: 042-391-7851
E: sales@fieldpro.jp
W: www.fieldpro.jp


DS Company
부산 연제구 월드컵로160 JH빌딩 545호
T: +82-51-796-2060
E: ywnam@dscorp.or.kr

Parkor Korea Indus Co., Ltd.
Doksan-dong, #1010, Tower A, Hyundai Knowledge Industry Center,
70 Dusan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 08584, Republic of Korea
서울특별시금천구두산로 70, A-1010 독산동현대지식산업센터
T: +82-2-2169-2500
F: +82-2-2169-2549
E: parkor@parkor.co.kr
W: www.parkor.co.kr


3S Nunergy Solutions
JD Jayathri, 3B, III Floor
8 P.T. Rajan Salai, KK Nagar
Chennai - 600 078
Contact: C. Sundar
T: +91-9790994051
E: cs@3snunergy.com

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