FT742-DM ultrasonic wind sensor

Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

They look different, because they are different.

Powered by our own Acu-Res® Technology, FT wind sensors are unique in the market. Resonating an acoustic wave inside a narrow cavity allows us to design compact wind sensors with a signal-to-noise ratio more than 40dB stronger than other ultrasonic technologies. Extremely small, with no moving parts to degrade or damage, the sensors are rugged, maintenance-free and deliver over 99.9% data availability, for years on end, even in the harshest of environments.

Rugged wind sensors
for use in defense

If wind speed and direction information out in the field is important to you,
then you need a rugged wind sensor that can deliver reliable readings
even in the harshest of environments.

Our sensors have been used in battlefield meteorology by Thales,
CBRN detection by Lockheed Martin, and Hostile Artillery Location System by Leonardo.


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